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you can write anything on these thangs lol

A yellow and black 'under construction' banner.

This site is under construction!

I'm not super happy with how all this looks and is laid out, but not enough to take it down. I will try to make it look funkier soon :)

A yellow and black 'under construction' banner.

Date Update
7th August 2023 Nothing new but for the under construction banners - i want to change the layout and make this all look cooler!
29th July 2023 i'm doing it i'm doing it i'm finally uploading recipes!! css is not my friend though
24th July 2023 Just some blog entries. Does that count as a blog? Not sure. I need to figure out how to put a scrollbar on this table though cause i feel like it's getting a little lengthy
9th June 2023 The terrible photography in botw/totk "project" is now up.
1st June 2023 Minor updates to some of the resources in web links, addition of arts and crafts page, plus more chatting
10th May 2023 Set image alt text to show on hover. Tried to work out volume-mass conversions for forthcoming recipes but gave up on it
7th May 2023 (again) Changed the style slightly for readability and put up the media + web links page :)
6th-7th May 2023 Added a couple pages for future additions. Added content to the linkz pages (specifically firefox addons; others in progress rn). New blog entry. Also added a tiny kermit thee frog to the footer of this page, as a delightful little inside joke & tribute to my good friends
30th April 2023 Spent several days doing a html/css course with the intention of making a code from scratch, then realised how hard it was gonna be. Borrowed and edited another theme (see theme section) and started populating some of the pages.
15th April 2023 Jazzed up the layout of the site using the sadgrl.online page builder and added a few basic pages (Home, About, Recipe index, and Conversions [all yet to be populated])
14th April 2023 Made a Neocities account!

This layout was lovingly re-crafted by sadgrl.online, based on the layout skyline from CreateBlog. I've made a good few edits but am in no way "good" at html or css.

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