The Creator

Hi. :)
My name is Ripley, i use the pronouns e/em/eirs, it/its, or they/them, and i am in my mid-20s at the time of writing this.

I'm creating this site because i'm nearing the end of a chemistry degree and don't want to revise for my exams. I am fully aware that this is a bad idea; however, i am looking away.

This is what i look like:
A picture of a chain chomp from Super Mario 64. It's looking toward the camera in a way that makes it look goofy.

People are always saying this about me:
'They are able to learn how to meditate and fall into a peaceful sleep, even in the face of imminent (or excruciating) demise, such as being crushed, asphyxiated, impaled, cooked, vaporised by Ghost Matter, or by the eponymous apocalypse. They cannot swim.'

You can find me here:

  • tumblr
  • tumblr 2
  • add me on switch, i guess? sw-3593-5680-5125
  • Cohost (which i'm still figuring out)

The Site
Page What is Here Why?
Home The Homepage. you know him. website has to live somewhere too
About You are Here! :)
Contains info about the site, and me.
In case of people who aren't me finding this site; or, in case i get lost in my own html labyrinth.
Recipes A digital cookbook with transcribed recipes. A replacement for a semi-private link-sharing discord. For various reasons, as outlined there :)
Projects Things i'm making. Truthfully, entirely for me. I wanted to make things and have somewhere to archive and share them without the pressures of posting them to social media, like feeling that i had to finish or polish them or waiting for someone else to interact.
Might be any sort of thing. Depends how i feel.
Link repository A bunch of useful links that i might want to find again in the future. I like to collect things and make lists, and tumblr's tag search sucks major ass.
Most or all links will be archived to or similar, but i like to be able to find things again.
Blog Just a blog. Don't know best practice for neocities blogging so i'm just dumping things into the code As with projects, i don't always like to post to social media - often it feels like clogging up people's dashboards or waiting for a response. I don't expect this will have that kind of pressure.
I also used to (and still do) have a private discord with a "twitter-substitute" channel. That's fine, but if anything happens to discord then how am i gonna read my own diary?
Guestbook A guestbook. If you're not me and you're reading this site, let me know!! I'd love to hear it :)
(tell me how you got here!)

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