The Essentials
  • UBlock Origin is the absolute essential to block ads and trackers. Extra ad filter lists can be found here and here.
  • Minerblock blocks cryptocurrency miners.
  • Facebook Container makes it harder for Facebook to track you by separating all Facebook content in a separate container to the rest of the web.
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials helps prevent most 3rd party trackers. (DuckDuckGo is also a very good search engine and has a couple useful beta features such as a mobile app tracker-blocker and email forwarding service that removes trackers.)
  • Decentraleyes also helps prevent a lot of third party trackers.
  • AdBlocker Ultimate is just another standard ad/tracker/popup/etc blocker, which UBlock Origin mostly covers; however, it's managed to block some things for me that UBlock hasn't (i.e. in-site etsy ads, Twitch ads, etc)
  • The Wayback Machine is the quickest way to archive sites just in case anything happens to them. Try to do this often!
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Visual changes
  • Dark Reader - for dark mode. (this site honestly looks better with it off though lol)
  • Mobile Dyslexic replaces all fonts with a special dyslexia-friendly font. You could do this through Firefox default font settings if you had another font you wanted.
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Helpful tools
  • Save webP gets rid of those disgusting webps and allows you to save them as jpeg or png. Fuck webp i hope it explode
  • Shinigami Eyes highlights pro- and anti trans and LGBTQ+ users or sites.
  • Simple Translate simply translates.
  • Terms of Service: Didn't Read highlights sites with glaring issues in their terms of service. Also has a site at
  • Unpaywall is supposed to provide an alternative free link to news and scientific articles. It doesn't often work but it does have its moments.
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Site-specific stuff




  • BetterTTV has a BUNCH of useful features for Twitch.
  • Twitch Chat Pronouns allows you to set your own and show other people's pronouns in Twitch chat.
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  • Redirector redirects sites to other sites. Examples are redirecting to alternatives (see here) or to alternative Twitter viewers like
  • Indie Wiki Buddy also helps avoid sites! See also their site here.
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