what's going on.

i love going on inaturalist and finding the most dogshit photos ever taken of animals. like they're usually some common creature (a pigeon, a wild rabbit, a pheasant), blurry as hell, not centred in any way, the creature is clearly like a hundred feet away because it only takes up about 4 pixels in the picture, the lighting is either pitch-black and barely visible or the sunlight or camera flash made it fully washed-out--

(or, in some cases, both! i've seen pics of like a beast at night, sitting under a streetlight, with the background almost invisible and the animal looking like it's MADE of light. like some kind of angel. sitting between the bins.)

--or the thing is obscured or detracted from in some way by a hand in the corner of the frame, a dog sitting next to it, something bizarre happening in the background.

and of course i don't say this in a cruel way - i LOVE to see these pics!!! i love that people have taken them and uploaded them anyway. they're so special to me. i have a folder-full on my phone. and i'd love to post them here but, even though i love them so, it feels kind of mean to do that.1

so anyway. at some point i decided i wanted to fill out the hyrule compendium in breath of the wild. and that morphed into taking terrible terrible pictures in memory of(?) those other ones. and that carried over into tears of the kingdom too.

obviously this is still ongoing, but here are my faves.

warning for possible totk spoilers, ofc.

1i'll allow one. this is one of my favourites. the picture itself is fine, but... i'm pretty sure it's just one of those jelly egg aliens everyone used to have in the early 2000s.