This is a digital recipe book because I want to be the kind of guy who keeps a recipe book, but:

  • I have terrible handwriting
  • I'm very prone to losing things
  • Physical recipe books are easy to keep but difficult to share over long distances
  • I hate website cookies and trackers. I'm not interested in scrolling through pre-recipe anecdotes the length of War and Peace. I also hate saving recipes to my bookmarks then finding out the link has broken, spending 10 minutes finding an archived version on the Wayback Machine, then spending 10 more minutes converting to metric. I just want to bake.
  • I don't get to cook all that often, but I love to hoard information. This is an easier way for me to keep track of things for when I eventually move out.
  • I need to rewrite recipes so material amounts are in line with the instructions or else I get confused
  • I thought it'd be a fun use for a neocities site :)

All sources are linked, where possible, and have been saved on either archive.org or archive.today.
The recipes are written out here in my own format and with my own edits, but if you want to see the original and the link doesn't work anymore, copy it into one of these sites and see if there's an archived version.
This is MOSTLY for me so I'm obviously not making any money off it. @ me if you have any issues i guess

I don't have a search button! (yet?) Please use our old friend Ctrl-F to find things!